Animal Liberation in Action

Liberation Philly has rescued 17 chickens and 2 rabbits in the past 6 months. We rescue animals through a variety of tactics including open rescue and negotiation. We never purchase animals, as we believe this contributes to the system of exploitation and hurts other animals in return.

We recognize that liberating an animal is only the first, and often easiest, step in the journey of caring for them. We support sanctuaries who do the back and heart-breaking daily work required to provide animals with the life that they deserve after rescue. We are strong supporters of The MicroSanctuary Movement, especially, for it's effective approach to exceptional animal care standards.

Their Stories:


Angela and Coretta

Angela and Coretta were open rescued from a live market in Philadelphia when 30 activists entered the facility to protest the torture and slaughter of animals inside. Despite both suffering from upper respiratory infections, they are now making a full recovery at a local micro sanctuary!



June was found abandoned by Perdue on the side of the road after a truck carrying chickens overturned in Delaware. Liberation Philly activists were able to rescue him and take him to the vet to receive care, but unfortunately his injuries sustained during the crash were too great and he passed away during surgery. His story blew up on local news, even being covered by the Washington Post and touched millions. We are now calling on the local sheriff to press animal cruelty charges against Perdue for abandoning him. Sign the petition to get #JusticeForJune!


Ruby and Red

Ruby and Red were bred for meat and sent to be killed at an Italian Market slaughterhouse. They were opened rescued by Liberation Philly activists, and now live free from harm in microsanctuaries.



Teddy was opened rescued from a South Philly slaughterhouse on Valentine's Day - live online. Despite being a scared little rooster at first, in the safety of a loving home he quickly grew into his bold personality. He now has a flock at Chenoa Manor, including Jayne and Octavia who were surrendered by their owner shortly after his rescue.


Liberty, Bella, Irene, and Holly

After our first two vigils outside Saba Live Poultry, members of Philly Farmed Animal Save entered the slaughterhouse and asked Saba if we could take any sick or injured animals. A slaughterhouse worker agreed to release Liberty and Bella to us, and a few days later, Irene and Holly as well. All four chickens now live at Rancho Relaxo where they will live out the rest of their lives free from harm and exploitation. Read more about their rescue here.