Save/Bearing Witness

Liberation Philly founded the Philly Farmed Animal Save chapter, bringing the powerful love-based movement of bearing witness into the heart of the city. This movement seeks to raise awareness for the individuals abused and killed in the animal agriculture industries, shining a light on violence and openly standing in opposition to it. We host vigils outside of slaughterhouses (often hiding under the title “live market”) where we mourn the lives taken and show a moment of compassion to those about to be killed.

Non-Violent Direct Action

We are committed to creating change through non-violent direct action. These are peaceful actions which force a necessary conversation about an injustice by causing a social crisis. These social crises arise when individuals behave in a way that contrasts with social norms, rather than recognizing the status quo and allowing injustices to continue, they publicly oppose the injustice. We have learned from the counter sit-ins of the civil rights movement, political disruptions of the women's suffrage movement, and die-ins of the AIDS movement.

Open Rescue

Open rescue is when unmasked activists go into the heart of darkness to save animals’ lives, and expose the truth behind animal exploitation industries to the public. The individuals rescued receive medical care, and are taken to sanctuaries where they can be happy, safe, and free forever. Meet our recent rescues!



We are a non-hierarchical, grassroots organization, which means we do not have "leaders". We make important decisions and define directions through consensus-based decision making. Consensus is …Day to day decisions and planning are delegated to working groups, composed of individuals who volunteer to perform specific tasks. Our current groups include technology/programming, protest, Save Movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, art, outreach, and more. Anyone may join a working group as long as they are willing to contribute! We host weekly "All Working Groups" meetings, which are a chance for each group to check in and work on higher-level projects together.

Amplifying Marginalized Voices

While racism and sexism pervade both society at large and the animal rights movement, we aim to create a space which prioritizes the safety and voices of women and people of color. Our women-centered spaces and events empower women to shape the anti-speciesist narrative through a radical feminist framework and form connections with other female leaders. We strive to work with marginalized communities to ensure our message is not contributing to the oppression of any other group of people. We strive to continually learn and adapt as we grow as an organization and are open to constructive criticism and conflict resolution.

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Learn more about how Liberation Philly's values, decision making process, and more in our chapter bylaws.